I'm Lisa and I'm so happy you dropped by. 

As photographer, I have an inexplicable urge to document what I see around me. It can be tiny little things like the  light on the face of  a child, the position of someone's hands as they hold a glass, to the simple glint of a tear in the eye of a father as he sees his daughter in her wedding gown. Capturing these small moments of  a wedding day are what I love to do. 
I've been honored to be asked to work with some of the most wonderful couples over the last 4 years. I'd be happy to do this until I'm a ripe old age and then retire and look back at all the amazing weddings I've been able to document.

A little about me: 

I have two children, Sarah & Seth. They're grown now and building their own lives and I am so proud of their accomplishments and what kind people they are. 

I grew up in Vermont and moved to Connecticut when I was in my teens. I've never lived anywhere except New England, even attending college in Maine. I love to travel and have been to some pretty amazing places, including Paris for my 40th birthday, Berlin, Ireland and Italy. I want to see more of this beautiful world and meet more amazing people from all over the world. 

I love animals and have two very playful cat brothers, Oscar and Ollie. They endure lots of snuggles and kisses, whether they want them ore not.  

I'd love to talk more about how I could be your wedding photographer and document the beginning of your lives together.